Universal oil burner GU55 40-75 KW Demonstration model about 2 hours run

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Weight per unit: 24 kg

Technical Data Universal oil burner GU55


GU55      power for the vegetable oil  40-52 KW, power for heating oil (mineral oil, Kerosine, Diesel, Waste oil)   50-75 KW

it is, like the name already says, a burner for many types of oil. Vegetable, animal and mineral oils. And without change work. The technology of the compressed air atomization macht's possible. A small oil pump promotes oil to the burner tank. For the correct level the float circuit provides. In the burner tank is an electrical heating, which heats the oil. An adjustable thermostat regulates the correct oil temperature, e.g. 140°C for vegetable oil or 100°C for oils of mineral origin. The universal oil burners are attached to an external compressed air system. Compressed air flows by the compressed air atomizing nozzle, sucks in according to the principle of Venturi the oil from the burner tank and sputters it into micro-fine droplets. Depending upon burner size one, two or three oil nozzles are inserted. The combustion air sits down together from compressed air as primary air and the induced air as sekundaerluft. The extremely finely sputtered oil mist mixes itself at the pilot disk with the induced air and burns. The induced air is stopped manually at the choke. And once their type of oil should not be available, can completely normal fuel oil EL be used. In addition the air supply is simply changed over and the thermostat for the tank heating on is not turned to heat.

The burner is not certified and required for Germany therefore a single acceptance, by the operator.

G 50 - 105 mm (fits in each boiler) oil connection as at the normal burner 3/8 tariff screw connection, plug likewise as at the normal burner 7 polarizes, Pressure-reducing valve inclusive manometer, oil pump (sufficient to 4 m to the tank) out-washable filter and oil hoses installs.

2 years warranty

If they more information wish please email send. I maile you then the operating instructions in English and France language.

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Filter housing 9 " inch

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